Washington PA to Morgantown WV

One way fare from I79 Exit 20 E. Beau Street Park & Ride Washington PA to Morgantown WV.

Leaves Washington PA daily:
11:05 AM
6:35 PM- Fri & Sat Only
9:45 PM

Arrives Morgantown:
12:30 PM (W) 12:45 PM (MS)12:50 PM (T) (Monday through Friday)
11:55 AM (MS) 12:00 noon (T) 12:02 PM (ML) 12:30 PM (W) (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)
7:35 PM (MS) 7:40 PM (T) 7:42 PM  (ML) 8:00 PM (W)- Fri & Sat Only
10:40 PM (W) 10:55 PM (ML) 10:57 PM (T) 11:00 PM (MS)

Note - In the times above (W) represents Morgantown Westover Terminal, (MS) represents Mountaineer Station, (T) represents WVU Towers and (ML) represents Mountainlair/E. Moore Hall.


Washington PA to Morgantown WV
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Price $10.00