Additional Luggage Space

With your standard ticket, you are permitted one piece of carry-on luggage that can fit in the overhead luggage storage, and two pieces of luggage.

Each additional piece of luggage beyond that will cost $5 and must be purchased through this upgrade.

If Greyhound lost your luggage and you would like it transported on the Grey Line from Pittsburgh Greyhound Station you must purchase this upgrade.  You must show proof that you had a recent trip on the Grey Line and supply us with your confirmation number below. Grey Line does not transport cargo.


Baggage must not exceed 62 inches when added total exterior dimensions (width + length + height). 

You must fill in the description below, if your description does not match the piece of luggage to be picked up, the driver will not allow it on the bus. Please include in your description, size (length, width and height), approximate weight, color, Grey Line ticket number, any markings or tags attached to it and any other detail about the piece that will allow the driver to match your description with the piece of luggage.

The Grey Line does not transport Cargo.

Additional Luggage Space
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Price $5.00